MySchool Student Information System

A web-based, automated administration platform with straightforward pricing for independent schools


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Myschool student information system is broad cloud-based student information and school administration platform. In a bid to streamline communication and operations in schools, the software offers extensive configuration, all while being user-friendly.

MySchool is used by large governmental networks and small independent schools across the globe, offering personal support to its users. Its simple pricing combined with a flawless user interface makes it one of the most preferred options in the market.

With the ongoing global pandemic, immense changes in learning processes, school administration, and student engagement are inevitable. Lockdowns and social distancing norms are forcing institutions to reorganize their operations. With platforms like MySchool, students and faculty can resume school without worrying about breaking the new social distancing and interaction norms.

Features and Functionality

Designed to serve K-12 schools, private academies, and institutions for higher education, the MySchool platform offers several modules. It features student registration and school management features that make it apposite for easy storage and organization of student information. Some of MySchool’s modules include:


Admissions and enrollments often involve hectic processes. The MySchool platform is designed to make the process stress-free and simple for parents and school staff alike. With its user-friendly parent portal, it is now easy for faculty to conveniently collect all the data they need for new students at the beginning of term. Furthermore, it features a custom drag-and-drop form builder and authoritative application workflows to make the work even easier for you.


MySchool also offers compatibility with popular work applications as well as calendar management software. This integration ability allows faculty to synchronize and manage their curriculums and timetables with the schools’ calendars. The software is also compatible with mobile and desktop devices, allowing faculty and students the flexibility to communicate and organize their school programs.


Designed to allow easy implementation into current systems and devices, the MySchool platform is developed using cutting-edge technology that makes it straightforward to communicate and perform other daily tasks. It is also compliant with the various national and state reporting standards and is ideal for multi-site schools and multi-school networks across the globe.


MySchool’s school attendance module is designed to help faculty monitor course and class attendance for their students. The platform efficiently and quickly issues notifications and reports, allowing teachers to stay updated on attendance during class or through the school administrator.

Grade Reports

MySchool allows faculty, parents, and students to receive all-inclusive industry-standard PDF reports quickly and efficiently. The reports include attendance data, assignments, exams, and teacher feedback.


In terms of support, MySchool offers its users phone, email, and online help desk, and 24/7 live support.


  • MySchool features plenty of powerful and efficient tools to ease sharing and use of administrative and teacher-usable data such as grade keeping and assignment-sharing tools.
  • MySchool offers a user-friendly interface that eases access and use of its various resources.
  • MyShool is loaded with powerful data management and record-keeping tools
  • MyShool features a refreshingly simple pricing


  • Due to its sophisticated calculation system, generating reports and grades may sometimes take a moment to complete
  • MySchool platform requires each class session to be registered individually, even for double-period sessions.

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